SYNTH (panel and pcb)

from Ghost In Translation

SYNTH is a modular FM synthesizer, based on eurorack physical format it has however no patch cables on the front but has rather midi and audio jacks in the back.

This product includes 1 front panel and the 2 necessary back pcb.

Colour option:
You have the choice of simple black (1 side) or bicolour (2 sides, just flip it) black/white or black/aluminum.

Note that the white is done with the silkscreen layer and the "aluminum" is done with the copper layer so it is not perfectly flat as shown on pictures compare to the black that is the base board colour.
I took the photos on an angle on purpose to increase the imperfections, however they are not as strong when looking the panel straight.

Find out more about the components and code on my GitHub or my own website:

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